Lubrificantes para trefilação, usinagem, estampagem, etc.


Produtos para óleo e gás

Oil & Gas

Líquidos Geradores de Espuma para combate a incêndios

Firefighting foam

Produtos para tratamento de superfícies metálicas

Metal treatment

Produtos avançados para tratamento de águas

Water treatment

Produtos para manutenção e limpeza industrial

Industrial maintenance

Produtos para aplicações especiais

Special applications

Toll blending & private label

Private label

Customized Chemicals

agena products are developed with a focus on the application and needs of each customer. agena's personalized service is based on chemical technology, process control and technical support, providing consistent quality, reduced operating costs and continuous improvement.


Experience and innovation

Technical knowledge and efficiency in the development of new products are characteristics of agena that explain its success in the various segments in which it operates, from industrial cleaning to the oil and gas industry, in Brazil and worldwide.

Selo Agena

Customer focus

agena's quality management system is a key strategic tool for achieving customer satisfaction.
Certified since 2000, agena seeks the best market practices for the continuous improvement of processes, products and services.

Política da qualidade Rina


Rio de Janeiro


São Paulo